Black Friday Gear Deals

Black Friday Deals on Overlanding and Off-Roading Gear

If you are in the market for overlanding and off-road gear, the time around Black Friday is a good time to find some deals. Below, we’ve curated some of the Black Friday deals that we’ve come across this year.

Please note that these aren’t products or brands that we sell or endorse. They are just interesting-looking deals we thought our audience might appreciate knowing about.

Front Runner

Dates: Through November 28

Up to 40% off on selected overlanding gear. Front Runner makes vehicle-focused gear, and they are offering varying discounts on a wide range of products, including roof-racks, drawer systems and camping gear.
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Dates: Through Black Friday (and maybe longer)

Up to 60% off
on selected overlanding and camping gear. Looking at their website, their aren’t a ton of things on sale, but there are steep discounts on a few products.
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Dates: November 25-29

20% off sitewide on most Gerber products, which include knives, axes, shovels and other tools.
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Gerber Bushcraft Axe


REI sale

Dates: Through November 21

Up to 30% off on selected gear and clothing. REI has a huge camping and outdoor gear inventory, so it’s worth pursuing Gear Up Get Out, their pre-Black Friday sale.
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Toiletry bag Sea to Summit

Dates: Through November 25-29

Sea to Summit is offering some steep discounts on their camping gear offerings, which are some of the best on the market. In particular, the Basecamp Synthetic Sleeping Bag, Comfort Plus Self-Inflating Sleeping Mat and Hanging Toiletry Bag are worth taking a look at (they go on sale on the 25th).
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Dates: Through November 22

15% off Gobi Racks, with a ladder included in the purchase. Gobi makes popular racks for overlanding vehicles and they only go on sale occasionally.
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Gobi racks sale

Dates: Through End of the Year
Overland trailer manufacturer Taxa Outdoors is offering rebates of up to $2,000 on their overland trailers. You probably aren’t going to buy a multi-thousand-dollar trailer on a whim, but it’s a solid discount if you happen to be in the market.
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Dates: Through Black Friday (or longer)

Up to $600 off Roof Nest roof-top tents and 30% off accessories. Roof Nest is one of the leading manufacturers of roof-top tents.
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Dates: Through November 28

23 Zero makes a variety of overlanding gear, including cargo cases, tents and awnings. Their Black Friday sale features discounts of up to $800 on several of their roof-top tents and one of their 270-degree awnings.
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23 Zero Roof-Top Tent

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