Gerber Releases New Multi Tools and Knives 

Gerber, known for its outdoors knives and multi-tools, has released a new collection of knives and multitools as part of its spring 2023 offerings. The new tools include the plier-centric Dual-Force multitool and two new models of its popular Armbar series, which are low-profile version of traditional multitools.and

A multitool can be a great addition to an overlanding tool kit. I like to keep a multitool in the center console of my Jeep, so that I don’t have to dig out my larger toolkit every time I need a helping gadget. 

I haven’t tried these new Gerber tools out, so I can’t vouch for them. But Gerber has long been one of the leading manufacturers of these handy devices, so they are worth a look.

The tools are currently only available through Gerber’s website. You can see all of the new releases here.

Here’s a bit of info about the new Gerber multitools:


Gerber Dual Force
Gerber Dual-Force

Gerber’s Dual-Force multitool is designed to replace a dedicated pair of pliers with a tool that offers more grabbing power and functionality. The jaws of the Dual-Force operate like a normal set of pliers, including a 2-position slip-lock design and extra-large teeth. The tool’s narrow handspan allows for twice the gripping power, giving users added control and leverage.

Gerber Armbar Scout
Dual-Force Folded

The layered construction of the Dual-Force is intended to add to its durability and strength. The included sheath can be worn either horizontally or vertically, depending on the user’s preference and the task at hand. The Dual-Force comes with a Center-Axis bit driver, which is designed to provide better torque and rotation compared to multitools where the driver is off to one side.

Armbar Scout and Trade

Gerber Armbar Scout
Gerber Armbar Scout

Gerber’s new additions to its Armbar series, the Armbar Scout and Armbar Trade, look like they are designed to be everyday-carry multitools. They are low profile – about the size of a large pocket knife – but each has multiple tools inside. They are built on a stainless steel frame with a pocket clip for easy access to your tool when you need it.

Gerber Armbar Trade
Gerber Armbar Trade
Gerber Armbar Scout
Gerber Armbar Scout Closed

The Armbar Scout comes with a range of tools that include a plain edge blade, spring-loaded scissors, can opener, saw, and a bottle opener/prybar. The Trade has most of the same tools, but replaces scissors and can opener with an awl and 1⁄4 inch bit driver. Both feature a frame lock that ensures safe operation and easy access to all onboard tools.

New Knives

Gerber is releases several new knives, including the Spire, Confidant, and Scout, as well as a tool designed for fishing, called the Hemoplier. For more info on those, check out their webpage on the new releases.

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