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Logandale Trails Off-Road and Overland Guide

The Logandale Trails System, located in southern Nevada, contains over 200 miles of trails, with many trails suitable for overlanding and off-road adventure.

Located in the Moapa Valley about 45 miles northeast of Las Vegas, the Logandale Trails System covers 45,000 acres of land and offers variety of trails for ATVs, motorcycles and trucks and SUVs, the difficulty of the trails varies, from moderate dirt road to hard-core rock crawling and sand riding.

Due to its proximity to Las Vegas, Logandale is a popular destination for off-road enthusiasts, and on weekends you’ll run into other people enjoying the trails.

Logandale Trails OHV system map
Trail map of the Logandale Trails OHV area. Click map to enlarge.

The area is managed by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management and adjacent to Valley of Fire State Park, a popular outdoor destination in Nevada known for its bright red Aztec sandstone outcrops nestled in gray and tan limestone mountains.

While exploring the area, be sure to check out the rare plants and animals and petroglyphs left hundreds of years ago by indigenous inhabitants.

If you are looking to commune with other off-road and overlanding enthusiasts, check out the annual Hump ‘N Bump Jeep festival, which is held in the fall. Jeep enthusiasts from all over the country attend the festival, which includes a three day trail run and is hosted by the Vegas Valley 4 Wheeler’s.

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