Midland GMRS Repeater

Midland Releases Radio Repeater to Boost GMRS Signals

Midland Radio, a leading manufacturer of two-way radios used in overland and off-roading, has announced the release of a GMRS radio new repeater that acts as a combination of a radio receiver and transmitter, allowing for enhanced communication over longer distances.

The MXR10 repeater is designed to boost the signal range of handheld GMRS radios and mobile GMRS radios. If you’re not sure what all that means, check out our guide to the basics of two-way radios. Also, our guide to GMRS handhelds has some helpful information.

Midland’s MXR10 Repeater can be bought as a package with the antenna and cable.

GMRS radios have grown in popularity in the off-roading and overlanding world, as they have a greater range that traditional FRS walkie-talkies and CBs while also presenting a lower barrier to entry for use. While they do require a FCC license, it’s cheap and you don’t need a test (unlike a HAM radio).

While all that is great, GMRS radios do lack the range presented by, say, HAM radios, which can extend their range through repeaters – units that collect incoming signals and retransmit them with a greater range.

A growing network of GMRS repeaters in the US will expand the functionality of GMRS handheld and mobile units. The new Midland repeaters will presumably help with that, although it sounds like it’s only compatible with Midland’s radios, which would limit the repeater’s utility. One area that Midland explicitly notes they repeaters may come in handy is in off-road areas.

Midland GMRS Repeater
GMRS antenna mounted on a grain silo.

By mounting the antenna of the repeater at a high elevation, users can expect to boost their GMRS radio range to as much as 50 miles under ideal conditions. 

Midland’s MXR10 repeater will come in two versions: a black box for $459.99 and a complete turn-key system with an antenna and cable for $659.99.

The MXR10 features a 10 Watt High Power/5 Watt Low Power, 16 channel capability, channels pre-configured for eight wide band and eight narrow band GMRS repeater pairs, independent receive and transmit privacy tone selection through PC software, and many other features. 

With the MXR10, Midland set out to make was previously a very expensive and complicated piece of radio gear, affordable and usable for most anyone.

The MXR10 is compatible with Midland Repeater Capable GMRS mobiles and portables and comes with a 1-year warranty. Keep in mind that a GMRS license is required and antenna and cabling are only included in the more expensive bundle.

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