Best Portable Hammock Stands for Camping and Overlanding

If you been camping recently, you’ve probably noticed that the hammock has come of age. Thanks to innovations in design and construction, such as using strong nylon parachute-like fabrics and webbing, hammocks have become lighter and more compact to transport. They seem to be everywhere. And with the addition of a portable hammock stand to your gear collection, they really can be.

A portable stand allows you to string up your hammock when no trees are available, which opens up all sorts of opportunities to kick back in style. There are a number of portable hammock stands that can be set up anywhere you can find flat ground. Others are designed to attach to your vehicle as a foundation and are particularly popular among overlanding and car-camping enthusiasts.

The following hammock stands that are highly rated and will suit a variety of situations.


ENO Nomad Hammock Stand

Eno Nomade Hammock Stand

The Nomad Hammock Stand from Eagle’s Nest Outfitters (ENO), based in Asheville, North Carolina, is a lightweight, high-tech stand that is easy to pack and carry. Made with aluminum poles, it weighs just 15 pounds — a remarkably light carry for a stand that can support up to 300 pounds. The poles are held together with shock cords, similar to those used in tents, making the Nomad quick to set up and takedown.

This is a great option if you are looking for a hammock stand that stows easily and won’t add a lot to your cargo weight. ENO makes several high-quality hammocks, most of which are compatible with the Nomad (the exceptions are their SkyLoft, SkyLite, and JungleNest hammocks). If you want to sleep outdoors in the hammock, ENO makes a compatible tent system called the Nomad Shelter System, complete with rain fly and tent.


McLean Metalworks Hammock Mount

Mclean Metalworks Hammock Mount

We first saw the McLean Metalworks Hammock Mount at Overland Expo and were immediately intrigued. This portable hammock stand attaches to a vehicle’s trailer hitch, so you can string up a hammock anywhere you can get your vehicle. One of the big advantages of this stand is how quickly you can set it up. Just fold out the arms and attach your hammock.

The stand fits all 2-inch vehicle receiver hitches (Class III and IV) and can hold up to 300 pounds. It fits hammocks that are 114 inches or shorter. In case you have a spare tire or other obstruction on the back of your vehicle, they offer a version with a receiver tube extension (for an additional cost).


Kammok Swiftlet Hammock Stand

The Kammock Swiftlet Hammock Stand is sturdy and versatile, capable of being used in two configurations. For all-around usage, this is arguably the best choice, providing a solid load capacity and flexibility. It comes with two lengths of the bottom crossbar, so you can stretch it out to lie down in classic hammock style or tighten up the uprights so it’s more of a chair position.

For a hammock stand that weighs in at 17 pounds, it is surprisingly sturdy, capable of holding up to 400 pounds. It comes with a padded travel bag and folds down to 50 x 8.5 inches. It will fit all Kammock Hammocks.

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