Overlanding and Off-Road Adventure

Ordealist is your guide to rugged vehicle-based exploration

Overlanding Basics

You can start overlanding with nothing but a reliable vehicle, some basic off-roading and camping gear, a few essential skills, and a penchant for adventure. Our basic overlanding guides will help you prepare, offering tips on where to go overlanding, what gear you’ll need to get started, the best vehicles and some basic know-how. 

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What is Overlanding?

The definition of overlanding depends on your approach, interests, equipment, and sense of adventure

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Overlanding Guide for Beginners

Guide to getting started overlanding, including choosing a vehicle, gear you’ll need, and basic skills and trip planning.

Overlanding Gear Guides

One of the first steps to begin overlanding successfully is putting together a set of essential overlanding gear. Our guides cover equipment specific to camping, first aid and other emergencies, and vehicle maintenance, function, and recovery.

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Essential Overlanding Gear Guide

Guide to overlanding gear, including equipment specific to camping, first aid and other emergencies, and vehicle maintenance, function, and recovery.

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Essential Off-Road Equipment Guide

Guide to the basic gear needed for off-road adventure, including recovery gear, navigation and emergency equipment.

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Overlanding Vehicle Guide

Guide to choosing the best overlanding vehicle for your circumstances and budget.

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Overlanding Skills

Overland travel is by definition self-reliant travel. There are a range of skills that may be necessary or come in handy, including camping and cooking, off-road driving and recovery, navigation, first aid, automotive repair — campfire songs.

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What You Need Know to Master Overlanding

Survey of the various types of skills needed for planning and executing overland adventures.

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Basic Off-Road Driving Techniques

Learning basic off-road driving skills is an important step for anyone getting into off-roading and overlanding.

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Jeep Using a Winch in Snow

How to Use a Winch for Off-Road Recovery

Guide to the basics of off-roading winches: how they work, how to use them safely, and various situations where they can come in handy.

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