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Fuel Range Calculators: Overland and Off-Road Trip Planning

Below are fuel range calculators to help you plan your next adventure. The first two are designed to help you calculate how much fuel you will need to cover a certain distance (one calculates based on gallons and miles, the other in liters and kilometers.

The calculators do the basic math for you, but you will need to determine exactly how much fuel you want to bring through your own research. For more information on this subject, check out our in-depth guide to fuel planning and storage for off-roading and overlanding.

Fuel Range Calculator

This calculator determines how much fuel you need to travel a certain distance, based on your vehicle’s gas mileage. You can use the imperial version (go ‘Merica!) and the metric version (go Rationality!).

Imperial: Gallons & Miles

Metric: Liters & Kilometers

Vehicle Range Calculators

The next two calculators will determine how far your vehicle can go on a full tank of gas, based on its average gas mileage. Again, you can use imperial and metric versions.

Imperial: Gallons & Miles

Metric: Liters & Kilometers

Extra Fuel Calculators

This last calculator helps you figure out how much extra fuel you might need to bring with you on a trip, beyond what fits in your gas tank. This assumes that you won’t be able to refuel during a certain stretch of the trip.

Imperial (Gallons & Miles)

Metric (Liters & Kilometers

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