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Radius Outfitters Gear Box Review

When overlanding or simply camping out of your vehicle, storage cases are essential to keep your gear and supplies organized and protected. Most of the cases I’ve used in the past have been hard-shelled plastic cases that offer varying degrees of weatherproofing, but I’ve recently started using a soft-bodied Radius Outfitters Gear Box.

The Radius case is a departure from your typical backcountry gearbox for two main reasons: it is highly customizable on the inside and the outside is covered with quilted Cordura, making it softer (and quieter) than your typical hard-shelled cargo case.

I haven’t been using the case for long, so here I’ll share my first impressions with the idea of circling back later with a long-term review. I’m using the Gear Box 5500, the largest in the Radius Outfitter’s line of cases. They make two other sizes of the cases, the Gear Box 3500 (35 liters) and Gear Box 3000 (30 liters).

Here’s the TL/DR version of the in-depth review below:

The Radius Outfitters Gear Boxes are a unique product in the overlanding and camping cargo case market, offering a customizable way to organize gear that you will carry in your vehicle. The Cordura exterior and quilted interior provide a quieter way to store your gear and cuts down on noise inside your vehicle. These high-quality cases are on the pricey side and not meant for leaving out in inclement weather, but worth a look if you need to organize smaller gear and electronics.

The first thing I noticed about the Radius gearbox was the craftsmanship. These are well-made cases that are nice to look at and handle. I used cheap plastic totes from Home Depot for years, so these are a real step up in quality.

The Radius Outfitters Gear Box 5500 is a sizable overland storage box that can be used in a variety of outdoor settings. With a capacity of 55 liters, it is capable of storing a range of items such as kitchenware, pantry essentials, bike equipment, beverage collections, and clothing. It is suitable for use in different types of overland vehicles and SUVs, including Sprinters and other camper vans.

One other cool feature of the 5500, is that it can fit a Starlink satellite setup (which I happen to own), and Radius sells extra padding to make it fit just write. I didn’t get that extra setup, but may try to figure out how to DIY the internal paddling.

Weighing 13 pounds, the Gear Box 5500 has a removable lid with a magnetic Fidlock catch and leather handles, which can be convenient for transportation. It is made from 1680D Cordura, ensuring durability, and features a rigid top and bottom. Additionally, there are expandable pockets on each end of the box for storing smaller items.

Side of Radius Outfitters case
The Radius cases have durable leather handles, storage pockets and D-rings for lashing the case down.

One noteworthy aspect of the Gear Box 5500 is the ability to customize the compartments. It includes six moveable velcro dividers, enabling users to arrange the storage space according to their needs. Extra divider sets can be acquired separately. The ability to change the configuration on the inside of the box reminds me of camera cases that offer similar methods for arranging internal dividers to fit lenses and other camper gear.

Radius Outfitters Gear Box inside view
The dividers inside the Gear Box can be moved to create different configurations.
Removable divider for Radius case
The removable dividers attach to the inside walls of the case and each other with velcro.

Another nice thing about the Gear Box is that the inside is quilted which helps reduce reducing noise when you are on the road. This is especially nice when going off-road, as gear boxes tend to rattle around in the back – which is annoying and distracting.

The Gear Box 5500 is designed to remain stable on carpeted surfaces, thanks to the two velcro strips on the bottom. Radius Outfitters also offers Dog Tags with color-coded silencers that can be used for labeling purposes.

Radius case back
The lid of the case is attached to the back with velcro and can be removed.

The exterior dimensions, with handles compressed, are W 25.25″ x L 16.75″ x H 12.25″, while the interior dimensions are W 21″ x L 14.25″ x H 11.125″. The box is shipped flat and requires assembly using the injection-molded drop-in corners, which is explained in an included video.

Designed in Monterey, California, and manufactured in Cambodia, the Gear Box 5500 fills a gap that existed in the overlanding cargo case market, offering a functional and adaptable storage solution for various overland adventures.

Radius Outfitters Gear Box 5500

I wouldn’t want to rely on these solely as the cases I bring on trips, as they aren’t meant for protecting gear outside in the elements. I also bring waterproof cases, such as the Pelican cases I mount to the exterior of my Jeep and trailer.

That said, I love this case for gear that I’ll keep inside my Jeep, and in particular small gear that can be hard to find when it’s just thrown into a big case with a bunch of other stuff. Things like flashlights, electronics, tools, cameras, etc, are perfect for storing in the Gear Box.

To learn more about the cases, visit the Radius Outfitters website. For a rundown on a variety of options for gear storage, check out our full buyer’s guide to overlanding gear cases.

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