Go Topless Day

Barricade Go Topless Day

Location: Various
Dates: May 20, 2023

Barricade Go Topless Day 2023, sponsored by off-road gear maker and retailer, Extreme Terrain, is an annual event for off-road enthusiasts and Jeep owners. Taking place on May 20, this event invites participants to remove the tops of their 4×4 vehicles and join fellow off-roading aficionados for a day filled with adventure and outdoor excitement.

As a celebration of off-road culture and vehicles, Go Topless Day events offers a variety of activities, trail rides, and social opportunities for attendees of all ages and skill levels.

The events, which take places in many locations, aims to bring together the off-road community and provide a platform for enthusiasts to share their passion for off-roading and Jeeps. For more information on the various events, check out the Go Topless Day webpage.

Go Topless Details

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